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FAQ English
The MKVOD 9 is now available in the store world LG. In versions for Netcast and WebOs. Let's show following the process for installing and configuring the best app for SmarTV LG.

The application comes without any list, but we will show below how to add them. The differential of MKVOD is the support for Portals and parsers (url resolvers) for multiple hosts.

1. Installing (image example of a WebOs):

Picture caption: Install MKVOD your Store

2. The screen on first use (Settings):

Picture caption: 1. Choose the default settings. Clicking the items (left) change the options; 2. Make a note of this MAC address (only numbers and letters), you will need it for the lists; 3. Click "Save" and then click in "BACK" (on the remote control).

3.  Including content (lists and/or Portal):

Picture caption: To have content mo mkvod you need to add a personal list or the portals with content. We will use the example of the portal, but the method is similar.

P.S.: Remember the address of item 2 of the second image above we ask for you to write? Ok. We use now.

a. On your computer, you can download the file Linkleri Görebilmeniz İçin Üye Olmanız Gerekiyor. Üye Olabilmek İçin Lütfen Buraya Tıklayınız.
The password is mkvod01

Click on "Choose File" and import the xml file that you renamed. Finally click Dosyayi Gönder (Send file). If a message appears with the name and size of the uploaded file, means that the process was conducted.

c. Now start again the MKVOD in its SmarTV and click on item 1 (YOUR LIST). If you did everything correctly you should see the image below:


Now simply enjoy the content.
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Thank you very much.
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How/where can I find "portals" that have English content.

I am currently using KODI (Exodus), but have to connect to my computer via HDMI and would like to be able to add/use the KODI repositories.

Any help for a newbie would be much appreciated.
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There is no kodi support in mkvod.
You can use mkvod on lg smart tv or android machines.
If you have lg smart tv, you can find and install mkvod in lg store.
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